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Month: April 2006

42% of UK Small Businesses feel left in the lurch after purchasing technology

On January 2006, Cisco reported “British small businesses are receiving inadequate customer support and intelligence prior to making crucial technology buying decisions. According to the survey of 400 UK small businesses, the majority of small businesses (42%) feel left in the lurch after purchasing technology, due to insufficient post-sales support or training.” I came across this article on blog, and the author of blog comments “ I think the above can be caused by the standard VAR (value added reseller) model, whereby the emphasis (and majority of the income and therefore profit) is centred on the initial sale with…

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Sony Ericsson P990i – the waiting game

I have been awaiting for this phone since back end of last year. Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse is promising delivery in May 06. I am not sure I believe any of them, as they both promised delivery in Q1 06 before. What do you use and why? I am looking for an alternative if SE 990i is further delayed. David, thanks for your suggestions through Skype and your blog. Update 1: Signed up with O2 and got XDA Mini S. Vodafone just lost me as a customer, as they were not flexible enough to upgrade my phone free and sign…

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HSBC Launches Accounts Payable Integration

Continuing from my previous article, Two Heavy Weights enter EIPP market, GT News reported in March that HSBC has launched A/P integration service. HSBC calls this service, Accounts Payable Integration (API). I wish they chose a different name. In our industry, API stands for Application Programme Interface. APIs are needed to build interfaces between different programmes, for example, connecting ebdex Document Exchange to Access Accouting, Mamut, Oracle or any other. “HSBC API is an integrated accounts payable solution, the first in a series of a new suite of accounts payable solutions launched by HSBC. The platform accepts all types of…

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On Death Bed – How do you want to be remembered?

I learned yesterday that one of my business acquaintances father in law has passed away after illness. My wife also lost number of her family over the years. It is taking her a long time to come to terms with her losses. This got me thinking. How do I want to be remembered? What thoughts do I want to have just before I die? Obviously, we all want to be loved, and want to give the best possible opportunities for our kids. If you take family and close friends out of the question, what then? I think I want to…

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Should Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) be taken seriously?

I just came home from attending a lecture given by my friend, Felix Martin, Alum of Manchester Business School on CSR. For simplicity, he titled the presentation “Should psychology of CSR permeate management decision making?”. Felix is corporate counsel at GE Commercial Finance. Based on the case studies and discussions that took place, I split companies generally into: Those who does not have the budget or has the inclination to see benefits CSR brings Those who has a budget but are bad executioners due to lack of senior management buy-in Those who build it into organisational culture, thereby using CSR…

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Sage Visma and Hg Capital

Few weeks ago, David Terrar and I got excited by the news of Sage eyeing Norwegian Visma, who we thought had a SaaS model. But now it emegered that Hg Capital may have beaten Sage in acquiring Visma. I see participation of private equity in accounts/ERP/EIPP as a positive step, given that ebdex is also seeking private equity funding. It is worth analysing the portfolio of Hg Capital to understand the threat they pose to Sage, in putting a barrier to increasing Sage’s dominance. Some of technology investments include: Addison Software – German Accountancy and business software software. Burns e-Commerce…

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Getting mentioned on other blogs

I think this is my 13th blog. So thought of finding out who reads my blogs. So far only Dennis Howlett and David Terrar have mentioned my blogging activities on their blogs. Thanks guys. Is there a way to track who reads my blogs? Much appreciated for any help anyone can give. I am still learning “blogging” Update 1 (17/05/06): To my amazement, this blog has now ranked at 733,456 on Technorati. Some achievement, given I only started blogging last month

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EIPP: Two Heavy Weights enter EIPP market

I just came across this article: Deutsche Bank and CSC launch electronic corporate invoicing service. Should we be scared! Hell no!! This confirms that market is ready for such innovative solutions. Analysing the story….the solution seems to be aimed at Euro Top 1000. It is right for these two companies Deutsche Bankand Computer Sciences Corporation) to join forces together, as one complements the other. Deutsche Bank would never be able to operate an EIPP system alone without a technology specialists, who has experience of integrating complex ERP systems. The solution is internet based, which is a positive. I presume it…

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Zoli Erdos – Entrepreneurship and early-stage funding

I recently came across Zoli Erdos through Dennis Howlett’s blog. Zoli writes extensively about entrepreneurship and early-stage funding. Couple of interesting articles I found from his site include: Why Startups Shouldn’t Bother About NDA’s – This article took me to Dharmesh Shah‘s blog. Another guy who has done it and can proudly wear the T-shirt. Just dropped an introductory e-mail to Dharmesh. Need to identify synergies between the two businesses. With regards to NDAs, I still demand signing a NDA before going into lengthy discussion about ebdex. However, this does not always work with VCs, as they generally refuse signing…

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Who else blogs on EIPP or e-invoicing

I have tried to find other bloggers blogging on my favourite subject, i.e. EIPP and e-invoicing. If you do come across any, please let me know. I found this article from Rich Miller’s blog dated 02 July 2003 why old tech is beating new in B2B bill payment. Surely, there must be others out there in the wilderness telling stories about EIPP! Update 1: 30 April 06: I came across an article on ebdex on Blog. Key theme “The move to a near paperless office and more importantly the avoidance of data entry of information that is held elsewhere…

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