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Vyew – threat to gotomeeting and webex – perhaps not yet

I recently came across vyew pronounced as “view” from Zoli’s and Dennis Howlett’s blogs. In the past I have trialled both and webex, and came to the conclusion that webex is priced too high and bandwidth hungry. So, I was going to settle with

We need a on line meeting product that has following features:

  1. Web based – because we are a web based company and therefore promotes such applications. Thereare other valid reasons than this!!
  2. Can be easily set-up – if it does not require software installation on your machine, this is even better
  3. Can use to demonstrate software
  4. Can run powerpoint slides – not as documents flicking one page at a time. Animation intact if possible
  5. Whiteboard
  6. Allow attendees to take over your computer only to interact with the presentation.
  7. Price – free if possible or single and group user licenses plus pay-as-you-go model.

Now I cannot remember how gotomeeting and webex featured against above, but my take on vyew with limited knowlege is as follows:

  1. Yes – you can save your files permanently (or until you run out of space – 25MB free space offered)
  2. Yes – web based. Therefore better than gotomeeting and webex
  3. No – real disappointment
  4. No – real disappointment – can flick pages without animation, etc.
  5. Yes – seems very good
  6. Not sure
  7. Free – at least during beta testing

I tried to run a ppt with Dennis and failed. Then I commented on Zoli’s blog. To my amazement, Tim Hon from vyew got in touch on the same day and agreed to give me a demo. I am yet to agree a time. 10/10 for listening to potential clients. Now I have fixed a session with David Terrar for next Monday to run whatever I can, as part of our on-going discussions to explore possible partnership opportunities between D2C and ebdex. I will report back afterwards.

What do you expect from such a product? And what do you use right now? Do you have any advice for us in product selection?

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