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BT and Entrepreneurship

Everyone knows who BT is. But do you know how much influence BT had in creating entrepreneurs? I had the fortune to work with BT Retail in the past. And during my involvement, I had the opportunity to research Internet Service Provider (ISP) market. Most of the CEOs who run top ISPs today, worked for BT in their career at one point or another.

Today, I was told by Vodafone that SE 990i I have been awaiting for since X’mas 2005 may not be released this month. So, I started looking for alternatives and I came across i-mate, a company founded by Jim Morrison in 2001. He was one of the key members of the team that conceived and designed the product which became O2 Xda, another alternative to SE990i.

Some of these entrepreneurs continue to give headaches to BT, as BT’s market share is under pressure. These individuals have been crucial in driving the industry forward. BT still has a very large R&D capability. The market pressures has resulted in creating an innovative organisational culture in certain pockets, continually exploring new ways to generate non regulated revenue.


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