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Open Source Software vs. Sun Microsystems

Is Open Source software really free? My limited knowledge suggests you still have to pay for support. Same can be said for record beating Solaris 10 from Sun Microsystems (in fact all Sun Software is free and you just pay for support). So now you have a real choice.

Sun offers an alternative to Windows with the Solaris Enterprise System, a unified platform of Solaris 10, Java Enterprise System, developer tools, desktop infrastructure and N1 management software.

Sun claims “Solaris 10 includes more than 600 features that make it the most efficient, secure, and reliable operating system ever built“. Sun has spent $500 million to produce Solaris 10. What’s more interesting is that its bundled with 188 Open Source software products from:

  1. Apache, Tomcat and Zebra software for network and Web services
  2. Bison, GCC, Perl and Python tools for software development
  3. IP Filter, TCP Wrappers and Secure Shell utilities for security
  4. GNOME, Mozilla, and Evolution for desktop usability

Performance of Sun Java System Web Server against Apache 2.0, Tomcat, and OpenSSL shows Sun is faster.

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