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Dennis Howlett – The master Blogger on accountancy, enterprise and integration software

Dennis Howlett is one of the few individuals who influenced me to start this blog in early April 06. I have been a keen reader of Accman Pro since start of my blog. It seems Den also runs two other blogs, these being Enterprisey and Integration Monitor (perhaps there is more..). Den speaks about anything and everything in Accman Pro, whilst Enterprisey as the name suggests is more geared towards enterprise software, and Den was kind enough to mention ebdex recently. Some of the other subjects Den covers in Den’s Enterprisey Foghorn include Business integration, Business intelligence, Compliance, Enterprise Web 2.0, IBM/SAP/MSFT/ORCL, Infrastructure, New business models, Outsourcing, Results analysis, Saas/On-demand, Sprend management, Startup players and Strategy. On the other hand, Den speaks about SOA, webservices and similar technologies on Integration Monitor. For me, Den’s Enterprisey Foghorn is the most relevant, yet I am still drawn to Accman Pro. Perhaps its “speak about everything that comes to my mind…I am not scared to offend you” unstructured free writing is the best, rather than more strategic and structured content on Enterprisey. Dennis, keep up the good work. You got a fan for life! Have you thought of collecting all the articles you have ever written and will write? This could be “archives of Den”. I am not aware of any other blogger capturing all their work before. You could be the first!

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