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Month: June 2006

Entrepreneurs: An Evening with Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer

Karan Bilimoria, Founder of Cobra Beer and TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) UK Board Member is expected to deliver an inspiring lecture at Manchester Business School on 21 June 2006. It was scarcely 15 years ago that Karan Bilimoria made a choice that would change his life forever. Spotting a gap in the beer market between the fizzy lagers and heavy ales that clogged the shelves – and paired poorly with food – Karan came up with an entirely new idea: Cobra. Specially brewed to be smoother and less gassy than regular lagers, Cobra is the perfect accompaniment to all foods…

Why I have not blogged recently?

Having blogged for two months at, I got to the point where I found the presentation of my blogging pages no longer acceptable. This was as a result of looking at blogs written in WordPress. My first blog was written in and hosted by At the same time, I felt that there need to be more focus on marketing of ebdex. I also want to continue to speak about the industry and the pain and joy I am experiencing whilst getting ebdex off the ground to deliver our strategic plans. So on one crazy night I ended up…

EIPP: Another SaaS EIPP – InoviumPay Central

In May 2006, Inovium Corp. announced the launch of InoviumPay Central, an electronic billing and payment system designed for businesses that currently accept credit cards payments. Built-in functionality includes payment scheduler, electronic submission of all invoices, integration and batch uploading to any major accounting system, and full management control and reporting, allowing the company to streamline operations and free up labor. The solution is offered free to any company or organization worldwide utilizing their existing merchant card provider for a limited period.

ICAEW Survey 2006 – Use of e-Invoicing within the surveyed businesses

Based on a survey sample of 1012 businesses in UK, 69% have said that their invoicing systems are not integrated with their own accounting systems. Among those who have integrated, only 10% achieved seamless data exchange between their own systems. It seems that the survey has not collected data on exchange of invoices electronically between organisations (suppliers and buyers). One can assume this might be close to 0%. Another figure from the report shows 14% of the businesses using e-invoicing at present, with another 9% planning to implement such solutions within the next 2 years. Once again there is no…