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Entrepreneurs: Introducing Tiyga

My friend, Katrina Delargy few weeks ago launched Tiyga, a revolutionary time management tool that could be loaded on to your smart phone and/or computer or work off the web. With minimum effort, Tiyga records how you spend your time, in 15 minute slots and run analysis to help you manage your time more effectively. Its a great tool that we can all benefit from. Have a go and let me know what you think!

Katrina is also an alum of Manchester Business School (that’s where I met her first) and operates out of Daresbury Innovation Centre, where ebdex is based at.

She was also featured on today’s The Daily Telegraph – look for the supplement titled Trailblazers! What a way to get free publicity! She did complain that coffee at Ritz was bit too expensive! Well done, Katrina. Remember, I knew you before you became famous!

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