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Month: July 2006

Blogging – what’s going on?

I finally decided to settled for this wordpress template. My blog at will continue to function until this site is picked up by search engines. I have also invited Suren Kannangara, our CTO and CEO of our strategic technology partner, Affno to join me as a guest author. So please do welcome Suren. Affno is going through significant growth including increasing their activities in UK. I will leave Suren to blog about affno, what interests him and his relationship with ebdex. Update 1: New articles will no longer be published on

Sri Lanka: My Trip to Sri Lanka – Diary of Events – 3rd July

 I arrived in Sri Lanka on Monday the 3rd for a fortnight to discuss testing and debugging with our strategic technology partner, Affno. The Etihad flight from Manchester to Abu Dhabi was almost empty, but the flight from Abu Dhabi to Colombo had only 7 spare seats. It was jam packed with Sri Lankans returning home from employment in Abu Dhabi – mainly due to start of the summer holiday season! The heat in the Middle East during summer is unbearably over 40 degrees Celsius. Many families escape the summer all together. Specially the families of expats – I used…