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Security Solutions – SSL Certificates

Whilst researching SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certification Authorities, my team (thanks Roshan) came across WhichSSL set up by Comodo Inc. Comodo claims they are the world’s second largest and fastest growing High Assurance Certification Authority. Of course everyone has heard of Verisign, but not Comodo! And their UK office is based in Manchester. So I started exploring the use of their SSL certificates for ebdex.  Isn’t it great to do business with local companies? You know that if things go wrong, you can easily turn up at their door step! What a refreshing thought!

According to WhichSSL, the market share for SSL certification is split as follows:

SSL Provider Market Share July 2005 9 month Gain/ Loss
Verisign 72.13% – 3.38%
Comodo 17.66% 2.15%
Others 3.33% 0.71%
GeoTrust 3.43% -0.17%
EnTrust 2.60% 0.07%
GoDaddy 0.85% 0.51%

Not sure how old this analysis is!

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