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Secrets of Access Accounting’s Recruitment Success

In July 06, I responded to an article published by John Beech (MD) on Access Accounting‘s blog.  Following is John’s reply to my comments:

Exceptional people are rarely available for long which is why we always take them on straight away, following a series of in-depth interviews and discussions. Extended time scales can raise false hopes which doesn’t help either party. Once onboard, our programme is to immerse them in the business, spending perhaps three months in each department at the same time as attending all of our internal courses. This is a great way for them to get to know our people, processes and culture, creating fully-rounded individuals with a good understanding of Access. This sets them up for the ultimate challenge which normally becomes clear within a few months. In our experience candidates are always keen to hit the ground running from day one and provide a huge and valuable input to the projects they are working on. Indeed, it’s in their very nature and is the reason we take them on in the first place – it’s a case of right people, right fit.


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