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The AngelInve$tor – The Magazine for the alternative investor

Last week, I received a complementary copy of The AngelInve$tor – The Magazine for the alternative investor, published by Corporate Publishing Ltd from Brian Perry, Business Development Director. Brian is a serial entrepreneur turned angel investor and President of Corporate Acquisitions Inc.

The Magazine is priced at £10 and the August 06 issue is full of articles that I considered as light reading (i.e. can be read from start to finish in a day easily). I was intrigued by the advertisements it carried – from Maybach (luxury car from Mercedes) to Edminston (luxury yachts), clearly indicating it is intended to be read by millionaire investors. Here’s a snap shot of what I read:

  1. Venture Capital (VC): 3i is the most active European VC in 2005 with 56 deals. Second place is taken by none other than YFM Group (22 investments). Others I have dealt with include Enterprise Ventures Ltd (17 deals). Both YFM and Enterprise Ventures are based in the North of  UK.
  2. Executive coaching: Charles Parten writes about succeeding through failure (made it, lost it all and made it again) and how he helps CEOs to identify truly important things in life and help them overcome anything life throws their way. His Book, "In God’s Army, Only Wounded Soldiers May Survive" can be downloaded from his web site. Will report back after I had a chance to read it.
  3. Google story: The story of Google is repeated, but from the point of view of business angel investment. The article claims that Ram Shriram who invested in Google during its early days is the world’s greatest angel investor. Forbes Midas List identifies Ram as one of the top 3 deal makers in high-tech. 
  4. Google story (continued): The same article identifies Andy Bechtolsheim (co-founder of Sun Microsystems) as the second most famous angel investor.
  5. Other top angels: Article identifies Mark Cuban and Eric Hahn as famous successful investors.
  6. Venturefest run by  Oxford’s Said Business School that I was planning to attend in July 06 was also covered.

Brian, you asked for some feedback. Would I like to subscribe? Not at present. However, ebdex will definitely be interested in submitting event listings and articles. Happy to also consider using the magazine to attract VC and angel funding. In summary, its a Magazine I would recommend, but £10 is too pricey when you can buy insider for £5 and en for £3. You can read both en and insider free by dropping in at any IoD branch.

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