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ebdex now offers independent consultancy into EIPP, e-invoicing and document exchange solutions

ebdex Consulting is now able to provide independent consultancy services, helping organisations select the most appropriate e-invoicing, EIPP or document exchange solutions. Typically, a consultancy project starts with identifying the key drivers and challenges faced by client organisation, how they interact with their trading partners in addition to understanding the current processes and practises. Depending on the requirements and budget, the project can be extended to include analysis of the competitive environment with respect to technology adaptation.

ebdex is able to provide unbiased advise on type of solutions available in the market place, and recommend solutions for further consideration. ebdex is able to prepare pre-qualification and tender documents, conduct tender evaluations and carry out implementation supervision.

ebdex Consultancy is led by Manoj Ranaweera, who has over 10 years consultancy experience in advising clients both in UK and overseas.

Disclaimer: ebdex Document Exchange may or may not be one of the recommended solutions.

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