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Start/Trial with web solution and then integrate your system to maximise benefit

ebdex Document Exchange can be used in two ways, these being:

  1. Web based stand alone solution
  2. Integrated solution with your accounting/ERP/CRM solution

Most companies will start or trial with web based solution before integrating with their systems for receiving the maximum benefit.

Web based stand alone solution

  1. Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world – only needs are a web browser, an Internet connection and active account with ebdex Document Exchange.
  2. Use web template to create a Structured Document such as an invoice (which can be saved in Word, Excel or pdf formats).
  3. Select recipient from the list of Trading Partners (we will register your Trading Partners at your request – some of them may already be using the service)
  4. Attach any Supporting Documents such as Time and Expense sheets in Excel
  5. Once the Transaction accompanying the Structured Document (with Supporting Documents) arrives successfully at the recipient’s account, the status will be changed to "Delivered" in both accounts.
  6. The Trading Partner will be notified by e-mail, the arrival of a new Transaction
  7. After review, the Trading Partner can approve or reject the Structured Document.
  8. The Transaction status will immediately be updated on both accounts.
  9. Trading Partner can save the Structured Document either in Word, Excel or pdf formats.
  10. Advanced search facilities are provided for Structured Documents, Supporting Documents and Transactions.

 Integrated solution with your accounting/ERP/CRM system

  1. Create a Structured Document from your accounting/ERP/CRM system
  2. Post to ebdex Document Exchange (similar to printing or e-mailing)
  3. Attach any Supporting Documents (optional)
  4. Thin client converts the message (Structured Document together with Supporting Document) to a format that can be readily understood by ebdex Document Exchange.
  5. Upon receipt, ebdex Document Exchange stores a copy and routes the message to recipient’s thin client at which point it converts to recipient’s format.
  6. Recipient allocate account codes and post into appropriate ledgers.
  7. Recipient as well as sender can log in at any time to review the saved copy of the invoice.

In the integrated mode, no effort is duplicated resulting in significant operational efficiencies and cost reductions, in addition to improved visibility, up to date information for management decision making, audit trail for corporate governance and compliance.

ebdex Document Exchange can also be used with only one party’s system integrated and the other party accessing the functionality from the web based solution. It can also function as the system for exchanging Structured Documents with all your Trading Partners or as a partial solution operating in harmony with existing solutions such as EDI systems.

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