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Demo 1 – Creating a job

I have created a short movie clip to demonstrate Adding a New Job. Appreciate your feed back.

The following steps (in sequence) must be followed to Add a new Job. These steps are only applicable to the on-line service (i.e. before integrating your system).

Actual Steps (Sequence must be followed):

  1. Login to your User Account
  2. Select Jobs tab
  3. Select Add New button
  4. Add Name (batch number or suitable words to describe the Job)
  5. Select Trading Partner from list.
  6. Select Add.

Above steps will add a new Job, which you can use once or more. It can only be used with the Trading Partner selected.


  1. The selected Trading Partner must have an active account.
  2. You have declared your wish to exchange Structured Documents with selected Trading Partner.
  3. The Trading Partner has declared his/her wish to exchange Structured Documents with you.
  4. At least one of Trading Partner’s Account Users has the privileges to receive, approve and reject Structured Documents received from you.

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