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Great Leaders 1 – Gary Turner of Pegasus

I finally had the pleasure to meet Gary Turner, MD of Pegasus this week. His business has changed hands twice over the last few months, first with Extensity and then with Infor. He has not only survived, but has positioned his company well within Infor creating further opportunities for growth. We spoke business for two hours and then spent the next hour speaking about blogging, hype of SaaS and other interesting issues over lunch.

He has been blogging for well over 5 years and have successfully managed to keep business out of his blog. A remarkable discipline. When it comes to ebdex, blogging forms part of our marketing strategy. A totally opposite approach to Gary’s. [DH, thanks for the introduction].

Gary is also a great photographer. You only need to look above to agree! Visit flickr to see other gems. 

So what business did we discuss? I am afraid you simply have to wait.

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