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Month: October 2006

ebdex is a hippo!

Stephen Berry, an alum of Manchester Business School made the following request today. I have just released a book ‘Strategies of the Serengeti’ which examines the successful strategies used by the giraffe, zebra, crocodile etc (13 in all) and shows how the same strategies can be applied in modern business. On there is a assessment / questionnaire which takes about 2 minutes to fill in. It allows me to conclude (for example) that UK businesses are more like the zebra than US businesses, but the warthog is more successful in Europe than the cheetah etc (whatever the data shows).…

Technorati Sucks really works

If you ever have a problem with Technorati, use the tag "Technorati Sucks" and you should get immediate attention as I did today. I am now ranked 152,874th out of 55 million blogs. There are 56 links from 16 blogs. Only two people uses "ebdex" as a tag, these being me and Dennis Howlett. More work is needed to get better ranking. So how are my blogging buddies doing? Dennis Howlett – 9,607 (680 links from 210 blogs) David Terrar – 45,307 (108 links from 49 blogs) Dave Stephens -79,650 (360 links from 29 blogs) Tags: Technorati

Master Blogger will be in Manchester next month

Today, looks like a day for blogging. I have not stopped since I woke up, except to comply with my youngest daughter’s requests – and yes I had to promise my oldest daughter that daddy will help her write few blogs tonight. And its some sort of dress pink day, it seems! And I need to prepare for a meeting with my corporate lawyer and teleconference with technology team in Sri Lanka. Master blogger and one of the two guys who have influenced me to start blogging, Dennis Howlett will be in Manchester between 6th and 8th November to attend…

Technorati Sucks?

For some weird reason, Technorati has stopped ranking this blog 73 days ago. All my attempts to contact them have not resulted in any success to date. WordPress claims to automatically ping each article. I use technorati tags. I tried pinging directly from Technorati. It does not work. Technorati Tags: Technorati Sucks, Technorati

Strange request from a reader – Do I work for Ariba?

I do not want to allienate this person, but I received the most strange request from an employee of Deloitte yesterday. Here it is….perhaps someone can help her (if you e-mail me on, I will forward it to her). I am a regular reader of your blogs. Hope you can help with my urgent query or guide me to someone to answer my query.If a company maintains its suppliers and contrats in ARIBA and wants to raise PO in Oracle/iProcurement, is there any tools/adaptors to integrate the two offerrings? Unfortunately, I could not help her, as mmh, I do…

Building on line communities around events – NW Start Up 2.0 and Start Up 2.0 groups

In addition to using to set-up the NW Start Up 2.0 event, I have also created two communities (groups) on the same web site, titled NW Start Up 2.0 and Start Up 2.0. The intention is to allow members (free service) to use these two sites to advertise their requirements as well as offer services. The intended audience is other software/IT/telcom companies, investment community and deal makers. Its success depends on participation of other like minded individuals or it will attract a fast death like many other on-line initiatives. However, it will be linked with the series of events…

Tiger’s Den in Manchester – You heard it right!

Two local well known Asian entrepreneurs are setting up a Dragon’s Den style event where they intend to find suitable start ups to invest £100,000. This event is expected to take place early next year, will no doubt be a hot topic discussed in Manchester and the North West VC/Angel Network community. It is suitably titled as Tiger’s Den. The two entrepreneurs plan to be more friendlier than the lot featured on BBC’s show. Watch the space! Technorati Tags: Tiger’s Den

Angel Pitch an entrepreneur matching agency

TechCrunch recenly carried an article on Angelpitch, a new start-up hoping to bring business angels and entrepreneurs together by creating a video conferencing matching service. Visit TechCrunch (Sam Sethi) for full article. Below is an extract plus my own take on VCs and business angels. One of the hardest things to do in the UK is to raise seed capital to get your new startup idea going. If you want to raise £1m+ it’s probably easier to find VC’s who are prepared to invest in you. If you’re interested in becoming an Angel in this network, please email them a…

Head/Director of Sales

Paul Roberts has kindly revised the brief after taking stick from none other than Dennis Howlett… A highly ambitious Software or IT Sales Manager or Sales Director is required to lead the sales function.  This person will be responsible for taking the whole ebdex solution to market.  You must have a proven track record of selling Solutions at Board level to Medium Size Enterprises and Corporates.  You must also have the ability to build and manage a team around you.  Sales and Management experience relating to ERP or Financial Software Solutions would be particularly interesting.  Experience in both Direct Sales…

NW Start Up 2.0 – Open for Registration

If you intend of attending above event, please register at The event is to bring entrepreneurs who operate in the IT and software industry and those who invest in this sector together, including deal makers. We are trying to attract about 50 people for this event. Please note that we reserve the right to charge for this event (between £10 and £20) Technorati Tags: IoD, TechCrunch, NW Start Up 2.0, Web 2.0, B2B North West,