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NW Start Up 2.0 – For Entrepreneurs and Investors – Strictly not for Geeks

Sam Sethi of TechCrunch UK and I have been discussing about setting up a monthly get together for Software Entrepreneurs and the Investment Community in the North West of England. Sam is interested in doing a road show to promote such events across the country.

Ivan Pope of Snipperoo and I have been scratching our heads about a suitable name as he is also planning a similar series of events in Brighton. Ivan suggested xx Start-Up 2.0. I am yet to get agreement from Sam, but both Ivan and I think it has the potential to develop into a great brand. It captures the essence of web 2.0, business 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 and clearly identifies that things have moved on from the era.

So the North West series of events capturing both Manchester and Liverpool will be branded as NW Start Up 2.0 and Brighton events will be branded as SE Start Up 2.0 pending approval from Sam.

Perhaps these events should be limited to 40 to 50 people and split as follows (only a suggestion at present):

  1. 40% software entrepreneurs – not web designers or geeks please. Telecom and other sector based software companies allowed.
  2. 20% VC
  3. 10% business angels
  4. 20% potential business clients.
  5. 10% support services plus deal makers

I hope I can convince Mark Greenwood to run these events on our behalf. Mark runs number of successful networking events in Manchester under the umbrella of N4B. He has a good network of venues.

Perhaps the inaugural event can be run at Daresbury Innovation Centre sponsored by NWDA. I have the support of Paul Treloar on this. Paul has a great network of people we can invite to the first event. Number of companies resident at Daresbury Innovation Centre also qualifies for this event, these being ebdex, Tiyga, Yuuguu, Wadaroo and few others. Second event can take place in Manchester and third in Liverpool. Then alternating between the two cities. The first event can take place as early as the next month.

I appreciate any thoughts you have on any of the above. If you like to attend, please add your name as a comment.

If you are a geek, please visit TechCrunch to find out geek events in Manchester and Liverpool.

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