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Business Case for ebdex – revisiting all grounds

I have been revisiting all grounds recently. ebdex started because of the following compelling business case:

  • 27 bn paper invoices are processed annually in Europe (Swiss Post)
  • It costs around £9 to process an invoice (IOMA) – it cost UK government £75 to process an invoice – how much does it cost you?
  • Document Exchanges can produce savings up to 90% (LogicaCMG) – We know achieving 50% is easier.
  • This results in savings of £218bn (based on 90%) to European businesses. How much would you like to save?

Let’s go out and get a portion of this business – sounded like a good strategy. So we partnered with Affno (took me five months to meet them) to develop ebdex Document Exchange and now it has been available for trading since 1 Sept 06.

Why not trial it today without any obligation? See how much benefit we can bring. We believe in making your life easier and not complicating things further.

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