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Building on line communities around events – NW Start Up 2.0 and Start Up 2.0 groups

In addition to using to set-up the NW Start Up 2.0 event, I have also created two communities (groups) on the same web site, titled NW Start Up 2.0 and Start Up 2.0. The intention is to allow members (free service) to use these two sites to advertise their requirements as well as offer services. The intended audience is other software/IT/telcom companies, investment community and deal makers. Its success depends on participation of other like minded individuals or it will attract a fast death like many other on-line initiatives. However, it will be linked with the series of events we are planning across the country, so that, it has a good opportunity to become a usefel communication channels. So far, all messages are posted by me. Perhaps you might find it useful. Why not try it out today!

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