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Am I becoming an Indian – My new friend Billa and his clever software

These days I speak to many Indian businessmen and I am connected to many Indian networks. Asians constitutes 2% of the British population but generates 10% its GDP. So knowing Indian community is vital to doing business in UK and globally. I even received a certificate recently from Indo British Partnership signed by Lord Karan Bilimoria. One of my mentor’s is Indian. And my new friend, Billa Bhandari of Akoura Biometrics is also an Indian (but I am sure he wish he is Sri Lankan – they all do!!).

Where are the Sri Lankans? How come we are so far behind when compared with Indian and Pakistani community. Aren’t there any Sri Lankan entrepreneurs worth talking about? Are we too lazy?

Ok, sorry for going on a tangent, what I want to show is how clever Billa is. What is the difference between this picture and the text underlining it?

Billa Bhandari (Founder, CEO) has fifteen years experience building business oriented, secure, scaleable and mission-critical trading systems in the banking industry, including Chase, Credit Lyonnais, Putnam Investment and State Street Bank. Before Akoura, Billa founded Parallax Corporation to provide technology-consulting services to clients including GTE, Sun and HP. Billa’s background in Finance and Technology exploited the need for user oriented yet highly secure information solutions. Billa has strong recognition in the International Biometrics community and serves on the Technology Board of ID World (, and Advisory Board of My Data Vault ( and  In addition Billa sits on the Board of,, and  Billa has appeared on many industry panels focused on deployment of Biometrics in the Enterprise and brings vision and business development skills to Akoura.

The answer is…when you decode the picture with Billa’s software you get the text message. Wow!!. How can ebdex capitalise from this?

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