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What is the most suitable standard for document exchange?

XML was born to harmonise the way data was exchanged between different software systems. As soon as it was out of the bag, groups started drafting schemas that addressed their specific needs. One such organisation is BASDA. So, what are the key XML standards used within purchasing and e-commerce today? Can you think of anything more than the followings?

  1. cXML – UK government seems to favour this.
  2. ebXMLAccountis based their system on this format. Managed by OASIS.
  3. eBis-XML – BASDA standard. Currently no support is available (I am sure BASDA would disagree with me on this).
  4. eBuild-XML – Variation of eBis-XML for buildings industry.
  5. UBL – Managed by OASIS.

 I read somewhere that there are well over 600 XML formats, and the number is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately I cannot find the reference. If you have any statistics, please do share here.

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