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News Aggregator for Document Exchanges and EIPP

I have been looking for an environment to capture most of the news and blogs on Document Exchanges including EIPP. My prayers (I do not actually pray!) have been answered. Have a look at Zimbio.

Ok, I created it, therefore most of the content is from this blog and ebdex’s blog. But I did take the liberty to invite Susan Davies of Accountis to add their blog. I will also invite guys from Ariba and Procuri to add. These are all competitors. I believe we need to join forces to accelerate the acceptance of applications such as EIPP within the business community.

The portal I setup needs further work. I only spend just over 30 minutes getting these links in. There are other interesting portals within Zimbio which you might wish to join:

  1. Venture Capital –
  2. Entrepreneurship –
  3. Jobs –

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