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Electronic Invoicing & Settlement business of Accenture

So if EIPP is not worth mentioning why is Accenture playing with EIPP? Sorry, they call it Electronic Invoicing and Settlement (EI&S). Nothing wrong with that except that its another definition, actually this time to mean a business unit/group/division, rather than a solution/product. Perhaps EI&S is a better term than EIPP. PP stands for "presentment and payment", which is same as "settlement", more or less.

I believe Accenture has capability to deliver EIPP solutions using existing products and solutions, such as the network provided by Xign. Yet, I have not found any references, other than their involvement with Exostar, which is not a straight forward EIPP solution, but a market place for aerospace and defence industry created by Lokheed Martin, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Boeing and Raytheon.

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