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Two ideas in one go!

Two ideas I am exploring right now (details will be revealed if there is enough interest as I develop my thoughts further):

  1. Setting up an Open Source project – I am inspired by Dave Stephens of Coupa and a discussion with Rising Stars, a Venture Capitalist in North West of England – But the set-up will be completely different.
  2. Setting up ebdex Consulting as a separate entity to ebdex – Only if I can pull like minded individuals. [Note to myself: Never ever start anything without sharing the risks with at least one other (preferably two) from Day 1].

Or implementing 2nd idea within an existing consultancy firm. Now that would be a challenge!

Just noticed that Dave has not updated his blog since 13th Dec 06. Guess what! he has been very busy with Coupa blog. Rightly so. I am happy to see Coupa going from strength to strength.

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