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Day: January 17, 2007

Version One finally brings justice to their website

Have you visited Version One’s website in the past? Were you impressed? Probably the answer was "no". Have a look at their new website. Except for "Copyright 2006" at the bottom of page, it looks great. My disappointment is that there is no blog. But they have provided a RSS feed. What is also missing is details of the Board and the senior management. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that Version One is a family owned business. Actually owned by two families, Bray and McGain. Husbands and wives (I may have analysed this slightly wrong as there are…

Manchester Business School gets a blog and welcomes a New Director

Thanks to Bhaskar Mahendrakar, a full time MBA Student at Manchester Business School (MBS), I learned today that the School has finally started a blog in Oct 06. The idea is to capture the thoughts of MBA students during their stay at the School. In addition, MBS finally saw the arrival of their new Director, Professor Michael Luger. I am happy to announce that he also plans to blog. What a refreshing change. It would even be better if the school starts to treat their students as clients (a question for which I never got an answer from Prof John…

What do we know about Philippines’ BPO industry?

According to an article published by DDC HRO, Philippines boasts the following facts about its Cyber Services Corridor: 600 miles from Baguio in Northern Luzon to Zamboanga in Mindanao. Served by $10 billion high bond Served by Profiber backbone and digital network Home to 75,000 call centres and BPO agents Speaks English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic Cultural disposition for service provision and customer care Wow, I never thought Philippines as a BPO hub! Tags: Phillippines, DDC HRO,  BPO

Introducing DDC HRO – A BPO Company

Everyday, I am amazed to find another company I have not heard of operating in the same competitive environment as ebdex. This time, a company called DDC HRO, with over 3500 staff. Introduction DDC HRO introduces itself as a "global human capital BPO solutions" provider.  It’s strap line gives out a simple yet effective message, "right people, right locations, right results". Part of the DDC Group, the DCC HRO’s core competencies are in the areas of Data Administration Human Resource Administration Accounts and Financial Processing Marketing & Sales Document Processing Research & Development Information Technology Founded by Jan Trevalyan and…