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Introducing DDC HRO – A BPO Company

Everyday, I am amazed to find another company I have not heard of operating in the same competitive environment as ebdex. This time, a company called DDC HRO, with over 3500 staff.


DDC HRO introduces itself as a "global human capital BPO solutions" provider.  It’s strap line gives out a simple yet effective message, "right people, right locations, right results". Part of the DDC Group, the DCC HRO’s core competencies are in the areas of

Founded by Jan Trevalyan and David Kinnear in 1989, their resource pool in Philippines has grown over 3,500. US head quartered, it has offices in UK and Netherlands in addition to 10 operations centres in Philippines. It also has operations in China and elsewhere through partners.

UK Operation

Incorporated in 1989, the company (Direct Data Capture Ltd) reported revenues of £4.65 million in 2005, with a healthy net profit margin of 4.61%. Except for a small dip in 2003, revenues have grown steadily since 2001 with net profits reported every year. With current assets of £2.98 million (39% in bank and deposits) and positive net current assets, and increasing shareholders’ funds, the only culprit I could find on the company’s finances in 5 minutes is the growing debtor book, debtor collection days increasing from 106.74 days to 133.04 days. At the same time, the creditor payment days have increased to offset this. Conclusion: Financially well run company. The UK operation is run by Brett Trevalyan (also Finance Director of the Group) and consists of a scanning operation, and sales and project management expertise.

Accounts Payable Solutions:

I will leave you to digest above

Overall conclusion

Printing of documents will still be around for years to come. Whilst we do not need to store printed documents (nor print the documents in the first place) for many types of business transactions, changing habits and organisational cultures continue to cause a significant barrier to adapting innovative document exchange solutions such as those offered by ebdex and others. This is clearly demonstrated by the recent growth in scanning solutions offered by companies such as Version One in the UK market. In the medium term, hybrid solutions incorporating document exchange and scanning solutions offered by Bottomline Technologies and others will continue to capture market share.

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