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Day: January 31, 2007

Who has been most active in terms of marketing this month?

I just had a quick glance at key players in the EIPP (specially those who are considered to have models similar to ebdex) space including those who integrate with accounts payable systems. To my disappointment, Accountis, Causeway Technologies, Burns e-Commerce Solutions, and Tradocs have no news to share this month. How sad is this? These are companies with revenues, customers and history. Yet we all complain about lack of customer awareness. OB10 managed to get just one story out. Congratulations! (yes I am being sarcastic!) Career Education Corp. Joins OB10 e-Invoicing Network to Reduce Costs, Improve Financial Management. But the…

200 blog posts over 297 days

This is my 201st post. I started blogging on 9th Apr 06. Here are some statistics: 1 Authors To This Blog. 200 Posts Were Posted. 11 Pages Were Created. 161 Comments Were Posted 80 Different Nicks Were Represented In The Comments. 9 Links Were Added For a live update, click here. What I really miss is the simple blog stats counter available on I believe this is unique to hosted blogs. I also messed up my sitemeter counter. Tags: blogging, blog stats

European companies raised €52.9 million last week including $4.5m for UK based Shiny Media

According to Library House, 35 European companies raised €52.9 million (15 deals were undisclosed) last week – i.e. an average of €2.6 m per company. Among the UK based deals were: Shiny Media – a blog network – raised $4.5m from Bright Station Ventures in exchange for 50% of the company. Shiny Media attracts almost 3 million readers each month to its 22 sites, and employs more than 30 bloggers. If you want to read how they plan to spend the money, please click here. For coverage on vecosys, click here. Times Online article, click here. The Library House has…