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European companies raised €52.9 million last week including $4.5m for UK based Shiny Media

According to Library House, 35 European companies raised €52.9 million (15 deals were undisclosed) last week – i.e. an average of €2.6 m per company. Among the UK based deals were:

  • Shiny Media – a blog network – raised $4.5m from Bright Station Ventures in exchange for 50% of the company. Shiny Media attracts almost 3 million readers each month to its 22 sites, and employs more than 30 bloggers. If you want to read how they plan to spend the money, please click here. For coverage on vecosys, click here. Times Online article, click here.

The Library House has also relabelled its products and services as follow:

The event programme planned for this year includes:

Their database now boasts:

  • 9,529 companies
  • 7,031 investors (3,498 institutional, 2,926 corporate, 469 individual and 138 other)
  • 31,907 contacts (18,250 executive, 7,164 CEOs, 2,440 chair, 1,402 non-executive and 2,651 other).

Board of Library House (click here for management team):

  1. Doug Richard – Chairman & CEO – from Dragons Den
  2. Charles Cotton – Executive Director
  3. Sherry Coutu – Non Executive Director
  4. Chris Chapman – CFO

Are you a start-up? Have you raised Venture Capital? Are you registered with Library House? If not I suggest you do today to get maximum exposure for your company.

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