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Month: January 2007

Manchester Business School gets a blog and welcomes a New Director

Thanks to Bhaskar Mahendrakar, a full time MBA Student at Manchester Business School (MBS), I learned today that the School has finally started a blog in Oct 06. The idea is to capture the thoughts of MBA students during their stay at the School. In addition, MBS finally saw the arrival of their new Director, Professor Michael Luger. I am happy to announce that he also plans to blog. What a refreshing change. It would even be better if the school starts to treat their students as clients (a question for which I never got an answer from Prof John…

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What do we know about Philippines’ BPO industry?

According to an article published by DDC HRO, Philippines boasts the following facts about its Cyber Services Corridor: 600 miles from Baguio in Northern Luzon to Zamboanga in Mindanao. Served by $10 billion high bond Served by Profiber backbone and digital network Home to 75,000 call centres and BPO agents Speaks English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic Cultural disposition for service provision and customer care Wow, I never thought Philippines as a BPO hub! Tags: Phillippines, DDC HRO,  BPO

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Introducing DDC HRO – A BPO Company

Everyday, I am amazed to find another company I have not heard of operating in the same competitive environment as ebdex. This time, a company called DDC HRO, with over 3500 staff. Introduction DDC HRO introduces itself as a "global human capital BPO solutions" provider.  It’s strap line gives out a simple yet effective message, "right people, right locations, right results". Part of the DDC Group, the DCC HRO’s core competencies are in the areas of Data Administration Human Resource Administration Accounts and Financial Processing Marketing & Sales Document Processing Research & Development Information Technology Founded by Jan Trevalyan and…

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WirelssMatch – Where Private Equity Investment meets Early Stage Businesses

WirelessMatch facilitates private equity investment in early stage companies operating in the wireless and mobile telecoms markets. Here is a list of current investment opportunities: Matching of car parking spaces: £370,000 Intelligent multimedia polling solution: £450,000 WiMax network: £3.0m Photographic evidence via mobile phone: £390,000 Wireless Network Infrastructure: £1.0m Mobile dating: £300,000 Antenna technology: £250,000 Tags: Funding, Start Ups, WirelessMatch, wireless & telecoms market

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Life of Gerry Lemberg – an exceptional individual

I learned on 12th that Gerry Lemberg, 68 passed away on the 6th of January 2007. According to his colleague, Avi Ram, it was quick and painless end without any suffering. I came to know Gerry through ecadamey in Feb 06. At Gerry’s request, ebdex presented its business plan to London Business School in March 06 as part of the VCIC competition. I am glad to report that as a result, Manchester Business School will be sending a team to 2007 VCIC competition. Avi has asked me to inform anyone who has known Gerry. A simple funeral service will take…

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Google Directory – Venture Capital

I assume that all readers of this blog are web savvy. In case you are looking for Venture Capital and have not interrogated the Google Directory, here is a link for you: In addition, if you want to contact Google direct, try your luck with Tags: Google, VC, Venture Capital

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Salary survey of Management Consultants

According to a report published by BLT’s Management Consultancy Recruitment Team, demand for consultants remains steady with little upward movement on salaries. The salary mid-points as per their report are as follows: Analyst – £26k Junior consultant – £41k Consultant – £59k Senior Consultant/Manager – £66k with top end extending up to £90k Managing Consultant – £84k Principal/Associate Director – £120k Director/Salaried partner – £190k Do you have any comparative data? If you do, how does that stack up with above? Tags: Management Consultancy salaries

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Technorati Rankings – in the top 100,000 for the first time

Here are the latest ranking details from Technorati. For the first time, this blog is in the top 100,000. I was monitoring the ranking regularly and whilst number of links and blogs have not really changed much, I believe the ranking improved due to increasing traffic. The only other explanation I can think of is that some of the blogs with higher rankings did badly and they were penalised by Technorati.  I started blogging in Apr 06, but moved to in July 06. At that point ranking zeroed. Not bad for six months work! It is time consuming, but…

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Yesterday’s webcast by Andrew Bartels and 170 Systems

I attended the webinar organised by 170 systems over webex yesterday. The speakers were Andrew Bartels, VP and Research Analyst from Forrester and Larry Concannon, Director of Product Marketing from 170 Systems. I was disappointed with the webinar as both speakers rushed to complete without interacting with the audience. However, webex allowed audience to send queries which 170 Systems promised to respond within days. The slide pack can be down loaded from 170 Systems website, which I recommend as it has some good information. 170 Systems provide EIPP solutions (invoice only) through OB10 network. As expected, their expertise lies in…

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Exploring ebdex Consultancy further

Having commented on the ideal number of partners to start a business, taking one of my previous ideas further, ebdex Consulting would need three to four people to start with. Today, I believe I found the second partner (of course, the first partner being me!). I also found another Associate, who could easily be the third partner. Need to chat with him to ascertain this. But how do they measure against the skill sets I mentioned? And what skills am I bringing and what would be my role? All this needs further discussion and elaboration. If we go ahead with…

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