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Month: January 2007

Ideal number of partners to start a business

Have you started a business before or are you thinking of starting a business? Have you wondered what the ideal number of partners/directors you should have when starting a business? My take is that no business should be started without less than 3 partners. Beyond 4 partners it becomes difficult to manage, initially. Obviously, the skills that each partner brings is vitally important and should be complementary. But why three? In my opinion, you need at least two people to run a business. So if one partner falls seriously ill or decide to leave, you still have two to manage…

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Electronic Invoicing & Settlement business of Accenture

So if EIPP is not worth mentioning why is Accenture playing with EIPP? Sorry, they call it Electronic Invoicing and Settlement (EI&S). Nothing wrong with that except that its another definition, actually this time to mean a business unit/group/division, rather than a solution/product. Perhaps EI&S is a better term than EIPP. PP stands for "presentment and payment", which is same as "settlement", more or less. I believe Accenture has capability to deliver EIPP solutions using existing products and solutions, such as the network provided by Xign. Yet, I have not found any references, other than their involvement with Exostar, which…

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Wikipedia Sucks! No it doesn’t!

Hopefully by now, my readers know what EIPP is. In case you do not know, it stands for Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universally accepted definition for EIPP. So I defined it on Wikipedia, only to be deleted by some do-gooders! I was nearly going to say, Wikipedia sucks! But I use Wikipedia from time to time, so it is a useful resource. It’s those who try to govern it – the ones called volunteers – who decide what to keep and what to delete. I tried to resurrect it few times, but the volunteers decided…

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Two ideas in one go!

Two ideas I am exploring right now (details will be revealed if there is enough interest as I develop my thoughts further): Setting up an Open Source project – I am inspired by Dave Stephens of Coupa and a discussion with Rising Stars, a Venture Capitalist in North West of England – But the set-up will be completely different. Setting up ebdex Consulting as a separate entity to ebdex – Only if I can pull like minded individuals. [Note to myself: Never ever start anything without sharing the risks with at least one other (preferably two) from Day 1]. Or…

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Dennis finally makes it to ZDNet

Dennis Howlett, one of the two people who inspired me to start blogging (the other one has nearly given up) has just published his first post on ZDNet blog, as a result of prodding by Dan Farber. His first post is a cracker, especially about Paris Hilton and even having a go at Freshbooks. Dennis Howlett’s equation: Attention + composition = x2 revenue by ZDNet‘s Dan Farber — Fellow Enterprise Irregular, blogger and IT/finance consultant Dennis Howlett offers a guest post on the state of business application software, connecting the dots between Erasure,, social media, attention, Paris Hilton, James…

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e-invoicing revenues predictions from Aberdeen Group

(click here for full image) Above is extracted from a third party publication (i.e. not directly from the original report). I actually expects revenues to be much higher. However, as the market is fragmented, it is difficult to conclude the basis for above projections, e.g. does above include e-mailing invoices and not just end-to-end transactions with tight integration with accounting and ERP systems? Has anyone read the original report? If so, please enlighten us! Tags: Aberdeen Group, e-invoicing, EIPP

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