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What has Manoj Ranaweera been up to this week?

I had the fortune to speak and/or meet number of ebdex’s competitors this week. These include Simon Fox (CEO of TBiConnect), Rhys Jones (CEO of Accountis), Philip Brown (CEO of Causeway) and Mike Gibbard (Chief Solutions Architect of Burns e-Commerce Solutions). I wish I can share what we discussed openly. But alas, I had to honour the confidentiality of each of the conversations I had. What is interesting to note is that:

  • We all operate in the same industry
  • Yet we have spent different budgets in developing our solutions – trust me, the difference from the lowest to the highest is very very significant
  • Most of us use different connectivity methods – all claim to offer a mixture
  • Most of us use different hub architecture
  • Most of us use different software languages from J2EE to Python to build the solutions
  • All agree that the market is challenging and need significant effort to educate customers
  • They are all too busy to blog
  • All agree that I should continue to blog – come on guys, keep sending your cheques

Now, do you want to know who I am meeting next week? I am afraid you just have to wait.

Clarification 1:

Accountis has a blog and a RSS feed. When I said Accountis is too busy to blog, what I meant was, Rhys Jones is not blogging – I know the reason – its to do with timing, but I am afraid that I do not buy it, Rhys.


I know Rhys Jones is a regular reader of my blog and so is some other senior leaders and managers of EIPP industry. They tend to respond to me directly by e-mail instead of through the blog. This shows that people are still too shy to put their names on the web.

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