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My first Geekup Event in Manchester

I just got home from attending my first Geekup event in Manchester.

GeekUp is a growing community of web designers, web developers, and other web-minded folk from the North West who meet up in Manchester to discuss the latest industry news, share ideas and spread a little knowledge.

Familiar figures who attended included Anish Kapoor, CEO of Yuuguu in addition to Andrew Disley and Daniel Morris who organise the Geekup events. It was attended by about 20 technology enthusiasts and covered two topics:

  • Widgets on Apple Mac by Stuart Frisby of 36 Degrees and Wdgty. I have recently been playing with widgets on this blog, but Stuart’s talk was much focussed on operating system related widgets which require programming knowledge. Unfortunately, this is beyond my capability. If anyone is interested in widgets, I highly recommend getting in touch with the widget master, Ivan Pope, the CEO of Snipperoo.
  • Health & Safety guidelines for heavy computer users by Graham Pengelly of Mainline Consultants. Graham spoke about Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in detail. The key message is prevention, which we can all practice by taking 5 minutes rest every hour that we sit in front of our much loved computers. In addition, adapting the right posture will further reduce RSI.

The "talks" took place at Code Computerlove and then we moved to a local bar for further networking. I also walked home (actually drove home) with BBC backstage  T-shirt with tag cloud. Thanks Dan. I certainly look forward to the next event.

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