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Yuuguu launches new Beta and new website in addition to coverage on Vecosys

Remember these two guys?

They are going from strength to strength. They reported a triple whammy recently, i.e. new website, new release and coverage on vecosys by Sam Sethi.

I have been a user of Yuuguu from almost the beginning. Sam does a good coverage of the product, so I will not repeat it. About the new website:

  1. Great strap line: See together: Be together. It would be interesting to hear how this came about. It makes perfect sense – makes the proposition very clear – catchy. Anish/Phil make sure you protect it.
  2. Website is structured better – blog is no longer the home page. Theme of "simplicity" is carried through out  – the website and the product. well done again.
  3. Product – what is it? I summarise it as a free collaboration tool with ability to share screens across the net with instant messaging capability.
  4. Now available on mac platform in addition to windows.

Ok. everything cannot be positive, so what are the negatives?

  1. This version wiped out the old database. I have been assured this is "one off" – ok fair enough
  2. They had a crash – they came out in public – so no damage done.

Questions now are:

  1. Get the revenue model right
  2. Get the product road map right
  3. Ensure loyalty of user base – get viral marketing into gear – no longer in private Beta
  4. Understand who the competition is and how it differs

By the way, Anish will be a key speaker at the next NW Start Up 2.0 event. Watch the space?

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