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Day: February 26, 2007

Everything You Wanted To Know About Venture Capital

You might be interested in this slide pack from Ben Holmes of Index Ventures who presented at last week’s Future Of Web Apps. Thanks Imran for pointing me to this. It’s the first time I came across slideshare. What a great idea! Something everyone could do with. Just like Youtube! What about a similar platform for documents. Now that’s an idea worth pursuing. Tags: Ben Holmes, Index Ventures, Venture Capital, Imran Ali, Future of Web Applications, Slideshare

NW StartUp 2.0 – Registration now open

If you are keen to register for the above event taking place at KPMG on 15th March, you could do so now by clicking here. Thanks to Ixis, we now have a more permanent home at This will allow me to organise different types of events easily. Few events I have in mind (not firmed up yet): April – e-invoicing April – web 2.0 May – NW StartUp 2.0 Would above be of interest to you? Would you like me to organise any other? Tags: KPMG, NW StartUp 2.0

Gates Vs. Jobs

Here is a video clip from Youtube that is worth watching… I am the mighty finder – I can find anything – you can run but you cannot hide. Tags: Youtube, Microsoft, Apple, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates

Blog Aggregators

Some of the blog aggregators you might want to consider: Footy 24/7 aggregates news, blogs, videos and images from official sites of premiership foot ball clubs. This is a rich medium with pictures and videos. Platform chosen is Drupal.  Planet Enterprise 2.0 run by Rhys Jones, the founder of Accountis aggregates content on enterprise 2.0 (web 2.0 related to the enterprise, i.e. B2B instead of consumer led). Rhys uses Chumpologica (RDF) platform. Blogs aggregated include (the previous Youtube video came from this site): Dion Hinchcliffe (feed) Peter Rip (feed) Sean (feed) Ross Mayfield (feed) Dion Hinchcliffe (feed) Andrew McAfee (feed)…