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OpenCoffee Manchester – Inaugural event on 27th March 07

Just a quick note to say that the inaugural event of OpenCoffee Manchester will take place on the 27th March 2007 at Starbucks, Television House, 10, Mount St, Manchester, Manchester M2 5NT. It will be held from 07:30am to 09:30am. But I understand the coffee shop opens at 6:30am and closes around midnight. So, don’t feel under pressure to stop your conversation at 09:30am.

Whilst you do not need to register for the event, I am using as the key website for planning this regular weekly event. So, I appreciate if you take few minutes to register. Ed French from Rising Stars (VC) will be there in addition to Rhys Jones (Founder of Accountis and Sanoodi) and Anish Kapoor (co-Founder of Yuuguu and Telecity). All three spoke at last NW StartUp 2.0 event. I will attempt to persuade Robert Wakeling, the fourth speaker to attend as well. All are great guys. Where are all the women entrepreneurs?

Disclaimer: that’s not me

This is a self organising event (that means you do not need me – and I do not own the event – what a relief!). You are free to do whatever you want (within context). I might be persuaded to say few things if anyone is interested. Anish has attended some of the London OpenCoffee events, so do grab him if you are interested in finding out more about the London scene. You are welcome to bring your laptop and show your latest idea, or if you want to do a 1 min pitch, don’t be shy! If you want me to introduce you, please just ask. Make sure you get something out of the event, every time.

I will be there to further develop my existing relationships, build new relationships, help with introductions and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

According to Saul Klein, many OpenCoffee events have started to pop up all over the world since the inaugural event took place in early March 07. Here is a list taken from his blog:

This shows that people love good and simple ideas


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