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eSourcingWiki from Iasta

In addition to running the e-sourcing forum, Iasta has launched eSourcingWiki. According to the home page:

eSourcingWiki is an open content community of strategic sourcing and procurement best practices. This wiki is intended to be a dynamic document that constantly adjusts and transforms to current trends and thought leadership in supply management. Iasta welcomes global contributors to assist in the ongoing documentation and knowledge building that is essential to creating useful information for supply management professionals.

Contributors include:

  • Michael Lamoureux
  • Eric Strovink
  • Jason Busch
  • Tobias Schoenherr
  • Lisa Reisman
  • Kevin Brooks
  • Dave Stephens

Wiki Series includes:

  1. Strategic e-Sourcing Best Practices
  2. On-Demand / SaaS Application Platforms
  3. Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment
  4. e-RFx & Supplier Management
  5. Next Generation e-Auctions
  6. Sourcing Decision Optimization
  7. Contract Management and Compliance
  8. Sourcing Process Automation

Definitely worth reading. Is it time we start a similar for e-invoicing?

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