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First OpenCoffee Manchester

7 people turned up for the first ever OpenCoffee Manchester. Let’s have a quick look at these individuals:

  1. Ed French (Rising Stars)
  2. David Hawdale (Hawdale Associates)
  3. Manoj Ranaweera (moi!)
  4. Paul Robinson (Vagueware)
  5. Philip Hemsted (Yuuguu)
  6. Philip Oakley (Into Vision)
  7. Rhys Jones (Accountis, Sanoodi, Web2os)

Except Paul and David, others have supported me before by attending NW StartUp 2.0 events. David was really the new face as I meet Paul monthly at North West Digital Communities chaired by Manchester Digital Development Agency. Many interesting areas were discussed, among these:

  1. David – scalability – how do you scale a consultancy?
  2. Co-working – Paul is passionate about setting up space in Manchester City Centre to create an environment for startups. Click here for his wiki. He also spoke about Vagueware, a platform for undertaking open source projects. Watch the space! This could be big if he gets the support he deserves. I am for one is very much interested in exploring ideas Paul’s contributors have from a commercial angle.
  3. Rhys spoke about his new company, Web2oS and demoed offline Google calendar. Paul got very much hooked into the idea. Read what Rhys has to say about Web2oS. So Rhys is a blogger after all!

Special thanks goes to Rhys for attending all the 3 events (2 x NW StartUp 2.0 + 1 OpenCoffee Manchester) I held so far. Anybody who might complained about the early start – here is real commitment – Rhys travelled from Bangor! Can you beat that! Philip travelled from Birmingham and Ed also travelled lot more miles to be there, before anyone else turned up.

Please take few minutes to visit Paul’s coverage of the event, which is far more exciting than what I have written here.


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