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Best I can hope for from NW StartUp 2.0 and OpenCoffee Manchester

This is quite obvious but I thought of spelling it out. Conversation is great, but there must be objectives and expected outcomes from all these events I am engaged in. The ideal moment for me would be:

  • A new product was launched
  • A new company was formed
  • Seed capital was raised
  • By individuals who have never met before until they came to one of these events

Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Is that too much to ask! I do not think so.

I saw Rhys demonstrating his Web2oS at OpenCoffee Manchester. I saw the interest both Paul Robinson and Ed French had! What could be the outcome?

Paul spoke about co-working. Philip Hemsted and I showed interest on his Wiki. I have met Paul before, but it was the first time Philip met him. Everyone was interested in the idea. What an opportunity to test ideas? Do you have an idea that you like to get free unbiased review on? OpenCoffee Manchester is the place to be.

There is another similar conversation taking place between two people who met for the first time at one of these events – no investors approached yet, but these individuals are talking seriously with few other people. Sorry can’t reveal for the time being.

Wow!  Do you know any other positive outcomes! Am I asking a lot? You bet I am!

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