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Month: March 2007

eSourcingWiki from Iasta

In addition to running the e-sourcing forum, Iasta has launched eSourcingWiki. According to the home page: eSourcingWiki is an open content community of strategic sourcing and procurement best practices. This wiki is intended to be a dynamic document that constantly adjusts and transforms to current trends and thought leadership in supply management. Iasta welcomes global contributors to assist in the ongoing documentation and knowledge building that is essential to creating useful information for supply management professionals. Contributors include: Michael Lamoureux Eric Strovink Jason Busch Tobias Schoenherr Lisa Reisman Kevin Brooks Dave Stephens Wiki Series includes: Strategic e-Sourcing Best Practices On-Demand…

Yuuguu among the 25 UK web 2.0 startups to watch in 2007

Congratulations to Anish and Phil for making to the Techscape’s 25 UK web 2.0 startups to watch for in 2007. Here is the list: 1. Garlik ( Tape It Off The Internet ( OnOneMap ( WeHangHere ( MailSpaces ( Webjam ( Zopa ( Design The Time ( YesnomayB ( Mobizines ( Ebeebo ( Sleevenotez ( SelfcastTV ( Yuuguu ( Mobango ( Horsesmouth ( Cerkle ( Friction.TV ( ( Trusted Places ( DropSend ( Idio ( Elertz ( Izimi ( Crowdstorm ( Tags: Yuuguu

Coda Neon – what are they up to?

Coda recently unveiled Project Neon, which has cost them around £6m and nearly 100 man-years to develop. It’s identified as a suite of accounting, procurement, invoice matching, asset management and workflow management applications. Its web browser architected and web services enabled. Few claims that is worth discussing: Integrate with any ERP or finance system – easier claim if every other system in the world is web services enabled; of course this is not the case. Features unique collaboration technology – does this means web 2.0 technologies? Nope. Simply a provision of an on-line portal. High volume invoice matching system that…

Paper is still King!

  I have recently paid lot more attention to identify the biggest threat to the growth of e-invoicing and document exchange solutions worldwide. And my conclusion sadly is, it is the paper that we love dearly and hate equally. Tags: paper, workflow management, document exchange, e-invoicing, EIPP

Review of McKinsey global survey on business usage of web 2.0

In January 2007, 2,847 executives worldwide responded to a survey conducted by McKinsey on business usage of web 2.0 technologies. Key conclusions were: Identify web 2.0 technologies as strategic Plans to increase investment in web 2.0 technologies Less reliance is placed on well know web 2.0 trends such as blogs Greatest importance is placed on technologies that enable automation and networking such as web services. According to the survey results, the most popular web 2.0 trends in order of popularity are (with brief explanation of various technologies): Webservices – allows disparate software systems to communicate with each other automatically Collective…

NW StartUp 2.0 – Success or Failure? Your feedback is important

The second event of "NW StartUp 2.0" was held on 15th March 2007 at KPMG Manchester, sponsored by KPMG. Many thanks to Steven Livingston of KPMG for providing a superb venue and food, and working with me to make the event successfull. The evening started as planned with a quick introduction by me and Steven. First to take the stand was Anish Kapoor, CEO of Yuuguu. Anish spoke about Telecity (now TelecityRedbus) he co-founded with Mike Kelly, and other start ups he worked with before starting up Yuuguu with Philip Hemsted. He spoke about the value of having a spouse…

OpenCoffee Manchester – Inaugural event on 27th March 07

Just a quick note to say that the inaugural event of OpenCoffee Manchester will take place on the 27th March 2007 at Starbucks, Television House, 10, Mount St, Manchester, Manchester M2 5NT. It will be held from 07:30am to 09:30am. But I understand the coffee shop opens at 6:30am and closes around midnight. So, don’t feel under pressure to stop your conversation at 09:30am. Whilst you do not need to register for the event, I am using as the key website for planning this regular weekly event. So, I appreciate if you take few minutes to register. Ed French…

capturing the essence of e-invoicing by OB10

Over the years, many solution providers have tried to explain e-invoicing, both textually and graphically. Here is a very effective explanation from OB10. [Copy rights with OB10: code drives the *.swf file at OB10 website] The flash presentation explains the problem, how OB10 solution works and the benefits it brings. Accountis pulled out from their website a similar flash presentation when they launched their new website. In my opinion, this was a mistake. I would like to request OB10 to upload this video to Youtube. This will not only add another item to existing two videos on youtube, but will…

Cricket World Cup 2007 is here

A question people ask from me is do I support Sri Lanka or England. The cheeky answer is it depends on who is winning! Seriously, when it comes to cricket, just like all other Asians living in England, we all support the country we were born in. Here was our moment! Can we repeat it? I sincerely hope so. Tags: Cricket World Cup 2007, Cricket, World Cup, Winners, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka World Cup 2007