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Learn all about Identity 2.0 at next mashup on 24th April 2007

Have you ever wondered about your identity whilst surfing the Internet? Here is an opportunity to learn from the specialists in the field thanks to Simon Grice. The event attempts to answer the following questions:

  1. My digital identity is an asset, but who owns it?

  2. What is Digital Identity?

  3. Why is it so important?

  4. Trust.  Who should I trust and why should I be trusted?

  5. Authentication. How far is reasonable?

  6. Interoperability. Does this OpenID provider work with that consumer?

  7. Transactions. Don’t confuse Paypal’s needs with Digg’s wants?

  8. Complexity. OpenID is relatively easy, Cardspace is somewhat harder!

  9. Real world use cases. How do I keep my profile up to date everywhere?

The event is moderated by Tony Fish, who was a key speaker at the previous mashup event held in Feb 2007, which I had the fortune to attend. Clearly missing from the scene is Vecosys boys, especially Sam Sethi. I thought Sam and Mike would run these events!! What’s going on?

Confirmed speakers include:

Tom Ilube, CEO – Garlik (ex-CIO of Egg Plc)
Edgar Whitley, Reader in IS – LSE

Simon Willison, co-creator – Django Web Framework
  Luke Razzell, co-founder – Identity Society

If you are confused with the term "mashup", here is a definition: Mashup is defined as a web site or web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.

It would be a great pleasure to meet Tom and others, and strengthen my on-going discussions with Simon in addition to broadening my knowledge on web 2.0. Bit early to know my movements on the 24th, but I am scheduled to be in Bourne End on the 25th, that’s Sam’s neck of the woods! Let’s see whether I can also drag Phil Brown (CEO of Causeway) and Tim Cole (R&D Dir of Causeway) along to this event. Its a long process, but I am certain they will begin to see the benefit of web 2.0 and how to resell applicable solutions bundled with existing product portfolio, perhaps through Causeway’s ECM. mmh…brewing of a game plan!!!! I can almost hear Phil’s response…One step at a time, Manoj!!


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