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Aberdeen Benchmark Report -“E-Payables: Advancing A/P Automation” – Grab now for free…

If you are interested in the above report, it can be grabbed for free here until end of May 2007, thanks to Andrew Bartolini of the Aberdeen Group.

Andrew has also suggested doing a Q&A session through this blog. I am yet to work out the details. Perhaps this could be around following topics (extending beyond the report):

  1. Ranking of customer pain points
  2. Value chain – from end-to-end transactions to supply chain finance
  3. Barriers to successful deployments
  4. Benchmarking and segmentation of early adapters
  5. PACE Framework
  6. Competitive Framework
  7. Linking PACE with Competitive Frameworks
  8. Moving from Laggards to Best in Class
  9. What’s the future hold for the sector
  10. Growth of world wide initiatives, e.g. hub alliance


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