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Creating a web 2.0 buzz inside Causeway Technologies

Web 2.0, what is it? Wiki, what do you mean? Blog, heard about it! These were some of the comments I received when above terms were mentioned within Causeway. Now, let’s be fair. I expect to receive similar comments from most of UK and global organisations. Yet to mine and most other staff’s surprise, Causeway in fact had a Wiki and a blog, which were set-up several years ago by an ex-employee, well before I came to know these terms. Oops, looks like the last laugh is on me, then! Further dialogue unravelled another blogger (technical I must add). Who knows, there could be others!

I am a strong believer that when web 2.0 technologies are applied effectively within an organisation, it can help the organisation to achieve a competitive advantage. Among these technologies are blogging and wikis. Both can help improve communication and collaboration within the company as well as within a project team or strategic business unit.

Causeway is perhaps the key Value Added Reseller of Open Text solutions in the UK construction industry. As such, Open Text Live Link is extensively used within the company as its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Its a great tool that any organisation can benefit from. I am hooked! Due to my "creating a buzz" initiative, we now have the necessary modules installed within Live Link to allow company wide blogs and wikis. As such I created the first blog and wiki. No surprise there! The wiki is used to capture my thoughts and plans in addition to generating, editing and approving the content for the Tradex website which should go live this month, hopefully before the new release of Tradex. The blog need lot more thought (strategy and plan) and editors to make it a success. Will "Marketing" rise to the challenge? Or will "CEO" become the champion? Time will tell.

Do you use wikis and blogs within your organisations? What is the level of response, both from pros and cons perspective? How did you achieve momentum? Please do share your experience.

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