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SAP SAPPHIRE 07 VIENNA Post 4 – Ditching Oracle for DB2

Rumour has it that SAP is taking steps to ditch use of Oracle database for IBM’s DB2. The annual cost for use of Oracle database is around $800m, according to Paul Bhuhi, ERP Solutions Director of Computer Sciences Corporation, one of the largest system integrators in the world. Will this inflate the dirty tricks campaign run by Oracle?

Talking to couple of bloggers (DennisH and JamesG), there has been rumours in the past of an alliance with MySQL. If SAP is a listening company and driven by customer requirements, as they claim it, then alienating customers by imposing on a particular database does not sound like the right strategy. Delivery of MySQL on a global basis is also questionable.

Quick googling suggests that this issue was also discussed about a year ago at SAP SAPPHIRE. Statistics suggest that 60% of SAP customers run SAP applications on Oracle databases. Oracle is one of the companies that is exhibiting at SAP SAPPHIRE 07 in Vienna whilst running dirty tricks campaign at the same time.

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