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Equity Fingerprint – a refreshing idea

Philip Baddeley of Equity Fingerprint just pinged me to say hi after coming to know about OpenCoffee Manchester. According to the site:

The site is about equity distribution; from the first equity split to the angel and VCs rounds. Use this business plan resource to shape your equity road map. Entrepreneurs and investors come in all shapes and sizes; some with ties some without. The illustrations are there to help, not to typecast anyone!

I love the way the site graphically represent equity split during the lifetime of a company. He has included two case studies for illustration. One of these is been none other than Google.

Suggestions to Philip:

  1. Strike a deal with Library House, and build these graphical and tabular presentations for VC (and angel) funded companies in UK and Europe.
  2. Sell these representations to analysts, etc for inclusion in their reports.
  3. Provide a subscription model for punters to access all information on companies.

Just few thoughts off top of my head. Philip, thanks for getting in touch.

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