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OpenCoffee North – Bringing Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield under one umbrella

It seems OpenCoffee Manchester is seen as a bit of a joke by the London crowd due to small number of attendees. There aren’t any London VCs prepared to attend Manchester events. So, Ed French of Enterprise Ventures came up with a marvelous idea to combine Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield under one common brand, known as OpenCoffee North. The idea is for each of the city to hold its monthly event on the same day of each month, so for example, OpenCoffee Manchester will be held on 4th Tuesday of each month.

In addition, we would share a common database. Click here to visit the brand new club on The plan is to hold a single database of contacts which could be managed through this group. So who would organise each of these events?

  • Manchester – moi!
  • Leeds – Imran Ali
  • Liverpool & Sheffield – I requested two of my contacts to consider organising events in these two great cities. Will keep you posted on the outcome.

Let us know what you think?

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