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Day: June 2, 2007

Taking stock..

I have now been blogging for well over a year, and perhaps its time to take stock and review areas I ought to focus on. So what does interest me? Two areas come to mind: Documents Startups Documents Very wide area. I am interested in both structured and unstructured information in the form of documents. Two technologies interest me, one being structured document exchange between organisations and the other being exchange of unstructured documents among two or more parties. Structured documents exchange between organisation – solutions in this category falls into e-invoicing, document exchange hubs, Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment…

Finally, an informal collaboration platform for Engineers

 IET has launched an on-line collaboration platform for Engineers, as a result of an initiative by Altran. The I-Spark allows engineers to share experiences and expertise, and inform others of individual career aspirations and progress. What a great idea! Why did it take so long for such a service to emerge? So far the forum has 3 discussions, with the most popular with 328 views and 9 replies. Tags: IET, Altran, i-spark, collaboration, engineers