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Readsoft #1 – Quick analysis of finances

ReadSoft UK, an established player of document capture and accounts payable automation employs approximately 31 people and reported revenues of £3.876m in 2005, a decline of 29% from £5.475m in 2004. Increased competition was given as a reason for the revenue decline. Since then changes have been brought to senior management and sales force has been realigned.

In terms of profitability, company reported operating loss of £433k (2004: £609k positive), net loss of £301k (2004: £367k positive) and retained profit of £973k (2004: £1,274).

However, during the period, highest paid director’s income increased from £147,000 to £177,000 with pension contributions remaining at £17,000.

Company succeeded in increasing the working capital by reducing debtors to £3,081m from £3,162m whilst increasing creditors to £2.477m from £2.180m. Ah! perhaps something for which ReadSoft can be congratulated. Well not quite! This occured mainly due to better management of capital associated with group undertakings.

Watch out for post #2 for analysis of products and solutions.

Update 1:

Here is a quick graph showing the last 8 yrs revenue performance, and year-on-year growth/decline.

Sources: Annual Report, 2005 + FAME database  | Disclaimer: Information collected during meetings held on behalf my clients are excluded. All information covered originates from the Internet.

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