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Ditching Qumana and moving to Windows Live Writer

I recently installed Vision from Sun Systems to interrogate a database, which I believe resulted in corrupting Qumana database. All my attempts to speak to Qumana has resolved to nothing. After weeks of low blogging activity, I finally decided it is time to move on. I lost access to several half written stories, one particular long story about JP Morgan Chase’s acquisition of Xign.

In a crisis like this (if you call this a crisis in the first place), wouldn’t it be nice to call a friend who has significant knowledge about blogging and associated tools than spend hours searching for a good free blog writer? I hear you say, yes! Guess what? I know such an individual by the name of David Terrar.

Rest is history as they say. Here I am using Windows Live Writer within minutes of talking to David. Thanks buddy

Update 1

The whole process took 16 minutes, i.e. from finishing my chat with David, down loading and installing the software, configuring with my wordpress blog to proof-reading this post on my blog.

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