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OpenCoffee Manchester – 4th Event


4th event of OpenCoffee Manchester was held today at the usual venue. Number of attendees were disappointing to say the least, a drop from 15 to 8, but we attracted two new comers Nick Burton and Siobhan Clarke, and had more time to network with smaller number of attendees. Many areas were flooded in surrounding areas such as Sheffield, which may have resulted in the absence of Dean Sadler ( CTO) and Lee Strafford ( ex-CEO). I hope everyone is OK.

Here are the attendees and some of the discussions that took place:

  1. Ed French of Rising Stars– I had an opportunity to brief Ed the intentions behind edocr.
  2. Paul Robinson of Vagueware – Progress of Manchester co-working initiative has been low due to Paul having to manage high number of projects simultaneously.  We also discussed about the lack of progress on Barcamp Manchester, which is organised by the guys from Geekup.
  3. Paul Rouke of prwd – Looks like Paul has attracted a new client with a niche solution.  
  4. Stephen Henesy –  Creativityetc 
  5. Stewart Townsend of Sun Microsystems – We spoke extensively about the StartUp Essentials programme, and Sun’s connectivity to SAP. Since SAP Sapphire Vienna, I continue to build my relationship with SAP.
  6. Siobhan Clarke of MBA programme at Manchester Business School – Siobhan is an ex-employee of Burns e-Commerce. We spoke about the EIPP industry and one of the projects she is currently involved in – studying revenue models of social networking based businesses.
  7. Nick Burton of OpenSkies – A brand consultant


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