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Month: July 2007

Abbey’s Supplier Payments # 1 – Process Unravelled!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to speak to Marcus Hughes of Abbey UK Corporate Banking, and learn bit more about the solution they have brought to market jointly with OB10. Abbey calls this reverse factoring. Let’s review the business process: Supplier sends the invoice to buyer through OB10 e-invoicing platform. I assume everyone knows how this works, so no point in repeating it here other than to say, like every vendor out there, OB10 also claims that they can take data out from any back-office system, translate it and present it in the desired format to the recipient’s back-office system.…

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News Page added

Just to let you know that I am experimenting with a new page titled “News”, which tracks Google News on “EIPP” and “e-invoicing”. There is not much value addition here, as you can set this yourself. But it will help me to find stories easily. In the past, I have received news releases directly from OB10, American Express and Accountis. Feel free to e-mail your story to manoj [at] ranaweera [dot] name. Technorati Tags: eipp, e-invoicing

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United Data Ltd # 1 – Mark Morahan is back!

Note (1st October 07) – I have tone down the following article which was posted on 27th July 2007. There has been numerous occasions when I wanted to write about Mark Morahan but have resisted the temptation. But this article (update: link no longer working) caught my eye. I came to know Mark through Morahan International, he set-up with few colleagues in 2003/04. Instead of talking about his previous business, lets look at his new business. One thing I can congratulate Mark on is about “never giving up”. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your view point) I have become bit like…

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OB10 #7 – OB10 teams up with GXS

On 19 July 2007, OB10 and GXS announced a partnership to build an integrated e-invoicing solution. Few years ago, perhaps this would not have happened. XML was going to rule the world – EDI was dead, they said. Today, the level of market penetration by both EDI and XML combined is still very small. Paper continues to rule the world. Hence the realisation that we all need to work together whilst safe guarding competitiveness at bid level. Take Causeway’s Tradex for an instance; it has the capability to convert paper to/from data as well as XML to/from EDI. Tradex links with…

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OB10 # 6 – Abbey UK Partners with OB10 and becomes a customer at the same time!

According to the press release today, OB10 has announced a partnership with Abbey UK Corporate Banking, part of Santander Group. The emphasis is on cash flow benefits and processing cost savings to businesses in the UK, Europe and internationally. According to the press release: The new service, Supplier Payments, is aimed at large corporates, mid-corporates and public sector entities who wish to make their supply chains more competitive by improving working capital management and cutting the costs of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processing. Nothing new here! According to David Goucher, Managing Director of Abbey UK Corporate Banking ?Supplier Payments…

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OpenCoffee Manchester – 5th Event

  OpenCoffee Manchester 5th event was held on past Tuesday at the same venue. Here are some pictures: Attendees Stewart Townsend – Sun Microsystems – Stewart and I are collaborating on number of initiatives Aldo De Leonibus – Director of Inventya. He also brought two of his colleagues Siobhan Clarke – MBA Student from Manchester Business School Khurshid Valli – Halliwells – He is interested in working with start ups as well as those companies who wants to do business in India Paul Rouke – PRWD– Paul may take up office space at Daresbury Innovation Centre A new face who…

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Honouring Supply Chain Leaders 2007

Andrew K. Reese and Sarah Murray recently published a comprehensive article on Supply Demand Chain Executive honoring the Supply Chain leaders of 2007. If you are interested in the Supply Chain, I recommend you to read the full article here. As you very well know, Supply Chain continues to have a significant presence within the Board Room environment. CEOs, CFOs and CPOs around the world now have better tools and Knowledge Workers to help them steer towards Supply Chain Excellence, delivering both bottom and top line results, as well as helping those companies who understand the subject well to achieve…

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e-invoicing/EIPP hubs #1 – Dangers of Customisation

All of us are in business (with respect to B2B) to provide a product and/or service to satisfy a business need and in most cases to relieve a pain suffered by a business customer. In doing so, we all have two broader options that could be followed, these being: Provide a solution combining product and/or services to meet the customer need near to 100%. Offer a standard product and/or services with minimum or near zero customisation. The above two approaches attract many different challenges for the supplying organisation. Fully Customised Offering: Your ability to standardise your offering becomes a near impossibility.…

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OpenCoffee London #3 – Where are all the investors and deal makers?

I had the opportunity to attend OpenCoffee London yesterday morning, as I was in London for a private matter, having stayed the night before at Bourne End where Causeway Technologies is Head Quartered. As expected, the buzz is still there. But except for Saul Klein, I could not see any investors or deal makers among the entrepreneurs and those who thrive on providing services to startups and early stage companies. So, not much difference from OpenCoffee Manchester, except that we only have one real web 2.0 venture capitalist spread too thinly among Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool. Yes, that’s you Mr. Ed French.…

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iContact # 1 – A celebration of funding round

Ryan Allis, CEO of iContact pinged me the other day to invite me to a party in Durham (USA) to celebrate closing of $5.35 million funding package from Updata Venture Partners and IDEA Fund Partners. How nice? Unfortunately, I hate to leave wet Manchester (UK) for no doubt sunny Durham. Ah! its time I do another mail shot using intelliContact, a product from iContact. Technorati Tags: Ryan Allis, iContact, intelliContact, Updata Venture Partners, IDEA Fund Partners

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